Friday, June 6, 2014

{My Dad} Book: Father's Day Gift and Printable

When I was teaching 2nd grade one of my favorite things to make with the kids
was their Father's Day gifts. The kids were always so excited to make gifts
for their dads and I wanted to make something special that the dads would love
and not hang in the closet to be forgotten until it was time for Goodwill donations.
My friend Paula had the idea for an adorable book that let the kids practice
their writing skills and also tell their dads how much they love them.

I've updated that idea with some cute fonts and frames and have created
a great printable book that you can make with your kids.
It's a great project for kids of any age because those that are too young to
write can dictate to you and draw their pictures and your older kids can
show off their writing and artistic talent.

There are 6 double pages in the book - for a total of 12 pages.
They have writing prompts like "My dad looks handsome when he" or
"My dad makes the best" and lets the kids finish the sentence with their answers.

You will fold all the pages with blank/wrong sides together, so that you see the writing
prompts on both sides of the page.

It is easiest to have the kids write and illustrate their pages before you put the book together.
So, grab your colored pencils and a free afternoon when dad isn't around
and have the kids work on their pages.
Remember, print them out and have the kids write and illustrate BEFORE you
assemble the book for dad.

I printed the inside pages on regular copy paper, but I printed the cover on heavyweight
cardstock that I bought at Wal-Mart. 
I also have the kids illustrate the cover of the Father's Day book before I put it together.
It's easier to maneuver and if someone makes a page they aren't happy with
(which never happens with my Type A perfectionist kids),
you can easily toss it and replace it and not have to take the whole book apart. 

When your child has finished all of their pages, it's time to put it together.
You will insert all the pages with the open side into the inside spine of the cover.

If you've assembled it correctly, yours should look like mine below.
The open/flappy part of the pages will be on the inside, and the folded edge
of the pages will be on the outside of the book.

It's an easy DIY project that you can finish in 2-3 free afternoons.
My super detail orientated little artist could spend a day on each page trying
to perfect the illustrations. So, if this is the case at your house too, then you might
want to allow for a week to get it finished without stressing anyone out.

When you're all done and the book is finished and assembled,
staple 2-3 times down the spine of the book, being careful not to staple too
far in so that it makes the pages hard to turn or covers up your child's great work.

Happy Father's Day from us to you!



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