Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lunch Ideas: 15+ Spooky Halloween Bento Lunches

We're crazy for Halloween at our house and crazy for fun and festive food ideas.
I've put together Thanksgiving Bento ideas and a Valentine's Day Bento round-up,
so I perused my favorite sites and grabbed fifteen adorable (and easy)
Halloween lunch ideas that will make you the coolest mom at the lunch table.
Some of the ideas are of the Bento variety and some are just fun foods to make
for your kids at home.
Either way, they'll love their spooky Halloween lunch and you'll be a rock star!

1. Funny Frankenstein Wrap at Meet the Dubiens:
Love this cute Frankenstein spinach wrap! The bolts are a nice touch!

2. Candy Corn Chicken Quesadillas at Boulder Locavore:
It's no secret that I love candy corn, so of course these had to be part of the list.
candy corn quesadillas

3. Meatball Mummies at Spend with Pennies:
We've made the hot dog mummies, but even my Isabella would love a meatball mummy!

4. Frankenstein Grape Cups at Green Lunches Green Kids:
These little Frankies are so cute and you could add bolts for a nice touch.

5. Monster Bagel Sandwich at Eats Amazing:
I've seen the vampire teeth used with donuts, but this bagel is even spookier!

6. Ghost Sandwich at Cookie Cutter Lunch:
Not a fan of high maintenance Bento? Grab a ghost cookie cutter and you're golden!

The cucumber bones are adorable and candy eyes makes green Jell-O spooky too!

8. Monster Sandwiches at Chocolate and Carrots:
No fancy cookie cutters needed here! Just use your imagination and on hand
food from the refrigerator to make a monster sandwich.

9. GoGo Squeez Mummies at The Nerd's Wife:
What kid doesn't love a GoGo Squeez applesauce? Add crepe paper and voila! Mummy!

10. Mummy Protein Bar at Keeley McGuire:
Instead of a chocolate bar, make your child's protein bar into a mummy.
Don't forget the bat shaped carrots!

11. Pumpkin Shaped Muffin at Meet the Dubiens:
Adorable pumpkin shaped silicone muffin cups are just the right touch to this
spooky preschool snack.

12. Spider PB&J Sandwiches at The Happy Gal:
Again, no fancy cookie cutter or supplies! Just PB&J, raisins and pretzels!

13. Spider Web Sandwiches at Another Lunch:
Eeek! A spider web sandwich is sure to please even a picky eater.

14. Spiderman Sandwich at Bentoriffic:
My Spidey-sense is telling me that this lunch would be a big hit with your little super hero.

15. Bat Sandwich at Glory's Mischief:
Eeeek! These Bat Sandwiches are fun and easy!

16. Zombie Sandwiches at Wendolonia:
Walking Dead fans? Pack them a zombie they can eat before it eats them!



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