Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Year, Fresh Start with Fresh & Easy

I love the holiday season, I especially love having the whole family home for the
winter break, but let's be honest, we aren't making the best food choices.
Between the parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Isabella's birthday, New Year's Eve,
and a road trip to Utah and back, as a family, we were out of whack.
So, it's nice to have the kids back in school and our daily routine back, so we can get
back on course in making healthy food choices as a family.

Fresh & Easy understands that the beginning of the new year
 is the perfect time to refocus on healthy eating, 
so they've created the  31 Days of Healthier Meal Options calendar 
to help make keeping your New Year's goals fresh and easy!
I know when I'm trying to get the family back to healthier eating habits,
I want ideas that are easy to implement and follow.

So Isabella and I headed to our Fresh & Easy with the meal options calendar
to check out the items from the calendar and see which would work best for our family.
One of the biggest things I struggle with are healthy after school snack options for the kids.
It was nice to shop with Isabella so that she could see her choices and be part of
making healthy choices for herself.

She loves watermelon, so she was excited to see ready to eat packs of watermelon,
and she chose that for a great after school snack.
We also decided to pick up a bag of apple slices to take to the park for JT.
When we got to the park to pick him up from school, he was super excited!
He always asks, "Did you bring something for snack?" and usually I tell him to dig around
in the diaper bag to see if he can find a stray bag of fruit snacks or a piece of gum.
So when I pulled out the apple slices he yelled, "Awesome!"
A couple of my friends wanted to know where I had gotten such a great looking bag
of apple slices. I said, "Fresh & Easy of course!"

The other thing I struggle with are healthy lunch options for myself while everyone is gone.
I don't want to make something, because I'm the only one home to eat it.
However, I also don't want to eat PB&J sandwiches every day. I need a little variety.
So I really like the Fresh & Easy Eat Well products.
I picked up a Tandoori Seasoned Chicken Quinoa for lunch this week,
and I can't wait to try the others over the next 31 days as we try different things from the menu.
Isabella really wants to make the Blueberry Power Smoothie recipe at the bottom of calendar
for breakfast one day this week, so we picked up the ingredients.



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