Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NEW at Knott's Berry Farm: Voyage to the Iron Reef

Knott's Berry Farm's newest attraction, Voyage to the Iron Reef, is open and it's amazing!
This interactice 4-D ride will take you on a wild adventure in your very own 
4-person submarine through underwater forests, crazy ocean currents, and mechanical
wreckage that is brought to life through high definition 3-D animation.

voyage to the iron reef

The Captain and his friends wished us well before our voyage to battle the Kraken Queen
and her mechanical aquatic army. They were especially impressed that little Grace
was brave enough to fight the Kraken Queen. I'm pretty sure she was the youngest
Kraken fighter that day!

knotts iron reef

Each person in your submarine has their very own freeze gun and the object
is to destroy as many of the creatures as you can. You earn points for blasting the
robotic 3-D creatures and try to save Knott's from a watery doom.
I couldn't believe how realistic the 3-D graphics were!!! I was screaming as the 
ballooning puffer fish came zooming toward our faces. It just seemed so real!

I'm glad to say that we defeated the Kraken Queen and saved Knott's from a
terrible fate! The kids both loved the ride. As soon as JT got off, he decclared that
it was, "The Best Ride Ever!" Isabella said it seemed, "Really real!", so she might have
covered her eyes when the Kraken Queen attacked, but she was eager to ride again.

Voyage to the Iron Reef is the kind of ride you will want to ride over and over
to try and get your high score, beat your friends, and experience the amazing 3-D graphics.
Be sure to hit the medallions and aim for the Kraken Queen's tentacles.

Good luck!



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