Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Pumpkin is Back at Ruby's! {Fall 2015}

Just before Halloween, Grace and I dropped the kids off at school and headed to
Ruby's Diner because PUMPKIN IS BACK!
All things made of pumpkin are seriously my favorite, so I was excited for the
opportunity to try out the Pumpkin Hot Cakes with the cutest breakfast date around.

Grace was a fan of Ruby's Diner because it meant stickers and her very own cup of water
with a straw and ice. I love how family friendly Ruby's has always been.
It makes a great date night, breakfast with a friend, or lunch with the kids. 
I always choose Ruby's as my birthday dinner destination because we all love it,
it serves my favorite food, and the shakes are delicious!

The Pumpkin Hot Cakes were amazing. They were fluffy and had just the right amount of 
pumpkin flavor. They are infused with real pumpkin puree and it gives them the
perfect texture and flavor. I didn't even need the syrup they were so good!
Just a little dip of the whip cream and each bit was superb.
Grace loved them and the portion size was perfect for us to share and still take little bit home.

It was 9:00 in the morning for our breakfast mommy-daughter date,
so Grace and I didn't opt for the Pumpkin Shake, although I was sorely tempted!
We will definitely be back while pumpkin is visiting during its limited engagement
to have one with my favorite sandwich!




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