Monday, November 30, 2015

VTech Baby Amaze Doll: Toddler Sized Fun!

The product was provided to me for review purpose. All opinions are my own.

Grace is in the "I love babies!" stage and I adore it! She carries at least one baby
with her wherever she goes and if we forget to bring one, then I hear about
the missing member of our group until we return home and she is reunited
with her friends. She prefers to have two babies with her at all times,
and if for some reason she is only able to have one baby, she keeps telling
me, "Two babies?! Two babies. Two babies!" until we get home and she can
have two babies with her again.

When I opened the nondescript box that our
Baby Amaze Learn to Talk & Read Baby Doll was shipped in,
I knew the moment that I got the box open that Grace was going to love her.
She is a bright, and cheery baby and she talks!!!
Sure enough, when Grace saw her, she grabbed her and was very distressed
when I told her we couldn't open her until the next morning.
She stuck her little hand in the tester hole and tried to get Baby Amaze out herself.

Once she got the box open the next morning and learned that when she
pushes the buttons that her baby talks and sings with her, she was hooked!
She also loves to read to herself and to me, so it is perfect that Baby Amaze
comes with her own board books that they can read together.
It is so awesome to develop a love of reading and
 concepts about print at such a young age.

It really is AMAZing that grace can talk to Baby Amaze Learn to Talk & Read
and the doll will learn and repeat. She has already learned the big kids' names
and Grace (and the big kids) love it!
She also encourages your little one to engage in nurturing role playing
by asking for her pacifier, bottle and more.

The four different activity buttons make playing with Baby Amaze a lot of fun.
Grace especially loves the Music Time and Reading modes.
She's a natural singer and loves singing with her baby. I like that it plays
familiar tunes and the baby hums along with Grace.

The Baby Amaze range of products is available exclusively at Toys"R"Us stores
nationwide and online at

I'm so glad that Grace loves her Baby Amaze doll and is learning nurturing
behavior - even as the youngest of our family.
She is a sweet little doll and I know we'll have a lot of fun playing with
her together.


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