Monday, May 2, 2016

Farm to Table Cuisine at Tempo Urban Kitchen in Brea

Tempo Urban Kitchen of Brea is a farm-to-table dining experience in Orange County. 
I had the chance to attend an exclusive tasting where the three talented chefs -
Chef Chris Tzorin, Chef Charlie Medina, and Chef Salvador Carrillo prepared
a four course menu that was both delicious and innovative.

The ambiance at Tempo Urban Kitchen is one of a kind and totally fits with
its tagline - March to your own beat. It would make the perfect setting for a
romantic dinner our or for a fun night out with friends. The eclectic lighting choices
and beautiful wood accents blend beautifully to create the perfect backdrop to the
amazing food that is prepared in the open kitchen by the three talented chefs.

Even the food is plated and served in creative ways that match
the setting and the delicious dishes being served on them. I loved the
wood cutting board that we used as our tasting plate for the evening.

We started the four course meal with Grilled Octopus that was served aside
Serrano sauce, guajillo chili oil, lime cream and chipotle aioli. I love anything
with chipotle sauce and this grilled octopus was no exception. The flavors melded
together beautifully and gave the octopus just the right kick. Chef Chris said that the
key to creating a beautifully flavored octopus is to marinade it all day and then grill it.

Next up was the Pork Belly bites. These amazing
little bites were slow cooked for twelve hours and were a deconstructed version
of a Korean pork taco as they were plated with tortilla puree and topped with red
cabbage kimchi. I especially love the little mango roll-ups that were served on the side.
The pork was melt in your mouth delicious - they cut like butter.

I didn't think anything could top the Pork Belly Bites, but then Chef Salvador
went and served up Sous Vide Short Ribs that had been slow cooked for 28 hours
and served up with a beet marmalade and a delicious vegan caviar. Wowie!
I could eat these short ribs all day, e'ry day. The pickled carrots wrapped in ham
were the perfect pairing to the ribs and look at the gorgeous color of that plating!

The highlight of the night was ice cream made tables ide by the three chefs.
It was so fun to watch them use a Kitchen-aid mixer and liquid nitrogen to
whip a frozen treat that was the perfect mix of vanilla and ginger. Such a delicious
ending to a wonderful evening! Who doesn't want the chef to come to your
table and prepare you a delicious dessert?!

Which of these four dishes do you think you'd most enjoy?
Be sure to pop over to Tempo Urban Kitchen (but not on Mondays - they're closed!!)
and try them for yourself and let me know!



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