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A Toddler's Guide to LEGOLAND California Resort

Being two-years-old and under 36" can be a hard life, especially at an amusement park.
When you're adventurous and out to keep up with the big kids, like my Grace, it can
be frustrating to be pushed around in the stroller all day and watch from the side lines
while you're big brother and sister go on all the cool rides and have all the fun.
But that's not the story at LEGOLAND California Resort
We're sharing 10 Tips on how being a toddler at LEGOLAND can be super awesome!

TIP #1
Research attraction height requirements!
My oldest was always off the growth charts and so he was riding "big rides" before
he was potty trained. My Grace is little bitty and so she often can't ride even some
of the mile rides, because she hasn't hit 36" yet. It's frustrating for a toddler when you
get them out of the stroller, head up to the super cool looking ride, only to find they
aren't tall enough to ride it. So, find out before you go which rides are just right for
your vertically challenged toddler so they have something to do when the big kids
go for the rides they can't ride yet.

HOT TIP: LEGO Ninjago The Ride doesn't have a minimum height requirement,
so little ones can ride and feel just like a big kid! In fact all the attractions in
LEGO Ningajo World have no minimum height requirement. Check out
"What to Do When You're Two" for more ride ideas!

TIP #2
When it's warm, head to the water park!

There are lots of fun things for the 35" and under set to do at the
LEGOLAND Water Park. In the DUPLO SPLASH SAFARI there's a wading area,
animals to climb on and even a fun slide
that Grace thought was super fun! Her favorite place was the SPLASH ZOO.
She's an animal lover, so loved the giant DUPLO animals paired with spray pads and fountains.

HOT TIP: There are 2 family restrooms located close to the DUPLO SPLASH SAFARI
with changing tables and enough space for a wardrobe changes in case of emergency
or when your little person decides she's DONE! And there are also
cabana rentals available that face the SPLASH ZOO.

TIP #3
Catch a show!
Whether it's the LEGO Move 4D A New Adventure, the brand new LEGO NEXO
KNIGHTS 4D movie experience or the live LEGO Friends show in Heartlake City
toddlers love music and dancing and all their favorite LEGO characters.
There are definitely no minimum height requirements for shows and you can take a
break from walking and catch a little mom rest.

HOT TIP: If you want to see a show, be sure to check the schedule when you get
to the park that day so that you don't miss your chance! You can get them at the
front turnstiles as you enter.

TIP #4
Meet and greet your favorite characters.
Grace loves to meet the characters and friends throughout the park. I love when they
have spots like the one above where the characters come for pictures. Not only does it
keep you from chasing around the park looking for them, but it usually makes a cute
photo opp with the cute backdrop or elements they use especially for meet and greets.

HOT TIP: Get your camera ready while you're waiting in line so you can catch cute 
candids of your child meeting the characters for the first time!

TIP #5
Straight legs means stationary.
Carousels are always a big hit with Grace, but sometimes she's not a fan of the going
up and down motion. There are 62 horses on the MIA'S RIDING CAMP carousel, 
but not all of them go up and down. Depending on how adventuresome your toddler is, 
you might want a horse that stays put as the carousel goes round and round. 
If your toddler prefers to stay put, then look for horses with STRAIGHT legs. 
If the legs are bent, your horse going a-galloping during ride time. 
If the legs are straight, you're staying put.

HOT TIP: There are also 2 jeeps that stay put that anyone that doesn't want to saddle
up can still enjoy the ride. AND this ride is available for Reserve-n-Ride if waiting in
line is not your (or your toddler's) thing.

TIP #6
The boat rides are fun for everyone!
Both the Coast Cruise in MINILAND USA and Fairy Tale Brook in EXPLORER ISLAND
are perfect for little riders and the big kids like them as well. My middle daughter is 
7-years-old and careful not to like anything that might seem "babyish" because that
wouldn't be cool. However, even those the boat rides are good for those that are 2
and under,she thought they were pretty awesome. My 10-year-old thought it was
pretty cool that he could ride in his own boat on Fairy Tale Brook.

HOT TIP: Try to sit in the back of the Coast Cruise so you can interact with the guide
and hear all the hilarious and punny jokes she tells.

TIP #7
Head to DUPLO Playtown

If you've tried everything and your toddler just isn't having fun, the head to DUPLO
Playtown and let her run amuck. I wish I had known about DUPLO Playtown the first
time I came to LEGOLAND. It really is the perfect place to let the 35" and under set
to have their freedom to explore and play. There is one entrance into the area
and there are so many places to climb, slide and run. Be sure to allow a good 45 minutes
to an hour for your little one to play.

HOT TIP: There's a train in DUPLO Playtown!! Grace is a train-aholic, so we always try
to find the train options wherever we go. LEGOLAND's is located here!

TIP #8
Visit the Sea Life Aquarium
If you've never been to the Sea Life Aquarium and you have toddler, then you need to!
It is definitely worth the ten or so extra dollars to be able to pop in whenever you
want throughout the day to see the animals and experience the wonder of the ocean.
What's also great about the aquarium is that everyone loves it and it has A/C.

HOT TIP: Be sure to visit the Interactive Rockpool where your toddler can touch a
crab and live sea star, and see other shelled creatures.

TIP #9
Apple Fries for everyone!
When you come to LEGOLAND, you have to have apple fries. It's the rule.
And especially when you come with a toddler because they are the perfect
finger food snack that is both nutritious and delicious. When afternoon snack time
hits, leave the fishies in the baggy and head over to Castle Hill and buy at least
two servings of Granny's Apple Fries. Believe me, you'll want two.

TIP #10
Everything is awesome!
I know that taking a toddler to the amusement park can seem daunting
and like a not-so-awesome idea, but it can be awesome if you plan ahead
and remember you are there to have fun. I have to remind myself of that quite
often. I get so caught up in accomplishing everything on my "to do at LEGOLAND"
list that I sometimes forget that we are there to have fun and be together as a family.
So, go! Have fun! Follow the tips above and let me know which tips worked
best for you and your family.



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Nicole said...

Don't forget the big wooden play structure (is it called Hideaways?) My two year old loves running laps chasing the big kids there, and I could easily follow. We also loved the play areas in some of the lines. And the duplu building room where our kids 2-13 all had fun building big things with practically unlimited Legos. We also love the step stools at sinks and drinking fountains and other features for the smaller crowd.

beadsapp said...

I love the aces galactic gray navigaters with blue lenses... My son would love these. they look like his dads pilot glasses.

Unknown said...

Thank You So Much for this tips. Me & My Husband thinking to go to Legoland on our son to his upcoming 2nd birthday.
My Advice also is bring snacks for your L.O. I have contacted Legoland and they said it's OK to bring snacks for my son but no outside food. No cooler.
Would love to win Legoland tickets. Thank you for the great giveaway.


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