Friday, September 30, 2016

Altered Composition Notebook: General Conference Journal {Mini} Tutorial

So, I got this last minute idea to make a General Conference notebook for the girls I
visit teach as a gift for LDS General Conference - which starts tomorrow - and I thought
I'd share a little mini-tutorial on how I made it. In non-Mormon speak, I thought I'd make
a cute journal for the girls from church I visit each month to take notes in while they watch
our church-wide broadcast this weekend. We love General Conference because it means
we stay home in our jammies and watch church on TV. Awesome, right?

I gathered up the supplies - which I had at home - and got to work. If you want to make
one, you will need . . . 

composition notebook
strong adhesive
washi tape
1 piece 12x12 scrapbook paper cut to 6x12 for large cover
1 piece 6x12 scrapbook paper for the binding
2 pieces scrapbook paper cut to 7 1/4 x 9 1/2 for the inside
ribbon or other embellishment
chipboard letters
black pen
bone folder

I covered the outside of notebook with my paper and glued it on really well with
permanent tape adhesive. It was really easy.

1. Take your piece of 12x12 paper that you cut to 6x12 and glue it to both sides of the
notebook - leaving an edge for folder over and gluing on the inside of the notebook.
Use your bone folder to get a good clean edge and clip your corner.
 I don't have a bone folder, so I used a Pampered Chef pan scrapper and it worked
just as well.

2. Take your 6x12 for the binding edge (mine is pink) and work it over the edge of a
table so that it is slightly bent and is the shape of the binding. Glue it to your notebook
while it is CLOSED - being careful to make sure there is an equal amount of paper
on each side of the cover. Cut in the middle and fold and glue in the leftover to
the inside.

3. Glue the 7 1/4 x 9 1/2 inch papers to the inside of the cover to cover up your work
and make it look all nice and pretty.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon to wrap around the front notebook cover and glue it down for
embellishment. Or use another piece of paper for embellishment.

5. Glue on your chipboard letters and hand write or print out your words
and add them to the cover. It's really up to you!

At this point, you could use the altered notebook for whatever you want! If you want
to make it a General Conference Journal, then keep reading! You'll want to print off

Next, I laminated them and them taped them in with regular clear tape down the edges
of my notebook. I fit 6 tabs going down and I taped on both sides of the page to make
sure they would stay put. I put 4 pages for each person, which used 60 of my 100 pages.

With the other 40 pages I left space for all the other speakers. I wanted the pages to be 
fancy, so I added washi tape to the edges and it looks awesome! I want to washi all
my other journals and books now!

A quick and adorable gift! Be sure to make one for yourself!



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