Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hatch Chile Festival at The Habit Burger + #NoKidHungry

As if you need more incentive to head in to The Habit Burger, I have two more reasons
you're going to want to get there before the month is over! The first is the Habit's very
own Hatch Chile Festival with the addition of three special menu items that make use of
this flavorful Southwestern pepper. Hatch Chiles are grown in New Mexico and
combine three different chile varieties to create the perfect blend of heat and flavor.

First up on the menu is Hatch Chile Chicken Salad. It has lime marinated,
chargrilled chicken breast on top of hand-cut greens with feta cheese, diced tomatoes,
carrots, black beans, chargrilled sliced Hatch chiles and fresh cilantro, tossed in their
house-made cilantro lime ranch dressing.

I really loved the flavor the Hatch chiles brought to the salad and there was so much
chicken that I was really happy! Sometimes you get a salad and there are like two pieces
of chicken on top of it. The cilantro lime dressing pairs perfectly with the heat and flavor
of the Hatch chiles.

Next up is the Hatch Chile Chicken Sandwich. Again you have the lime marinated,
chargrilled chicken breast with grilled Hatch green chiles. They are topped with melted
cheese, fire roasted chipotle salsa, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo on grilled
sourdough bread.

I enjoyed the pairing of the grilled sourdough with the chicken sandwich and again,
the Hatch Chiles bring a lot to the sandwich.

Finally, it wouldn't be The Habit Burger without a burger to round out the Hatch chile
menu items. The Hatch Chile Charburger features bold southwest flavor with grilled
Hatch green chiles, melted cheese, fire roasted chipotle salsa, tomatoes, lettuce, and
mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun.

This was by far my favorite. The heat and flavor of the Hatch chiles just made the
Charburger pop. It really was one of the best tasting burgers that I've had and I wish
that Hatch chiles were available year round so that this could be a regular menu item.
You're going to want to get into The Habit Burger before the season is over and this
burger is gone. That will be just so sad!

I had only been to The Habit Burger once before, so I had never heard of the Tempura
Green Beans. What?! I dare say I love them more than onion rings and fries.
Do yourself a favor, order yourself some of these with your Hatch Chile Charburger
and it will be a big, old party in your mouth!

But let's be honest, the onion rings are delicious too. The right amount of crisp to onion
ratio and the entire onion doesn't pull out of the crispy shell when you take your first
bite. So, maybe get some of these too and share with a friend.

And if those three delicious menu items weren't enough reason to get you into
The Habit Burger, then how about helping end childhood hunger and getting a free
Charburger on your next visit for doing so? The Habit Burger is partnering with
No Kid Hungry through the end of September to raise money and put an end to
childhood hunger. Any guest that makes a donation of $2 or more to No Kid Hungry
will get a certificate for a free Charburger with cheese that they can redeem on
their next visit. Yum!



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