Wednesday, June 7, 2017

{NEW} American Girl Story: Summer Camp, Friends for Life

Have you ever been to summer camp? Going to camp each summer are some of
my favorite tween-age memories. Making new friends, staying up late, finding
adventure, learning new things - so much fun! I can't wait until my girls are old
enough to experience summer camp themselves and make memories that will
last a lifetime - just like I did.

Now, although I loved summer camp and all the excitement surrounding it,
sometimes things didn't always turn out like we planned. Like the year it 
snowed in July and we had to change campsites last minute. Or the year possums 
spooked us on the way back from a midnight latrine run and we spent and hour 
pinned to a tree, clutching our flashlights, too scared to make the trek back. 
Or the year it rained so hard it washed out our campsite and we had to pack up
in a downpour, and hike a mile out of a ravine in ankle deep mud.

Definitely none of the above adventures were anything like we planned!
And that's exactly what happens to best friends Z and Paz in the new Amazon
Original Special An American Girl Story: Summer Camp, Friends for Life
when they arrive at S.T.E.A.M. camp all ready to enter tech heaven. However,
when the camp's administrator has a different plan and restricts access to
their much beloved tech, they are convinced their summer is DOOMED!

But when mysterious camp "counselor" Jordan appears and sends them on an
exciting adventure they learn that new friends can be found in the most
unexpected people and that teamwork makes solving most any problem so
much more fun. Summer Camp, Friends for Life highlights the themes of
friendship and collaboration in an engaging S.T.E.A.M. camp setting.

The girls and I had such a great time watching An American Girl Story: 
Summer Camp, Friends for Life together. We even did a little camp craft and
ate popsicles to get in the summer camp mood. I wasn't sure if Grace would
watch the entire thing, but give her a popsicle and her American Girl doll
(and maybe pop some popcorn) and she's all in! The new Amazon Original
Special is only 30 minutes long, so it's perfect for an afternoon viewing party
and some girl time.

We grabbed some beads that we had on hand, baker's twine and our American
Girl dolls and whipped up some cute name necklaces as a quick and easy camp
themed craft. Grace loved finding the letters of her name in the mix. Yes, she
named her American Girl doll after herself. And Isabella was a big help getting
the little beads strung onto the bakers twine.

I tied them off with a square knot once Isabella figured out the perfect length.
You want it long enough to fit over the doll's head, but not so long that it's
falling off her shoulders or dragging on the floor.

So, be sure to tune into Amazon Prime Video on Friday, June 9th to catch this
adorable new American Girl Story. And as an added bonus, the Z doll will be
available for purchase the same day at the American Girl brand store at Amazon,
at all American Girl retail locations, and at



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