Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back to School Savings with Groupon Coupons

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Did you know that Groupon has Coupons? I had no idea! I knew that Groupon
was a deal-of-the-day site where I could find great deals on local things like 
bowling, bounce houses, exercise classes and even favorite local places to eat.
We are always looking to save money, so I regularly check out Groupon before 
we go to any of our favorite local activities or restaurants.

BUT I really had no idea that Groupon has a feature called Groupon Coupons?!
At this very moment there are over 70,000 deals for over 9,000 retailers. And
these aren't obscure retailers you've never heard of, these are all the places
you're already shopping, so why not pop over to Groupon and save some money!

Have you gone back to school? We are almost through our first full week
and I am still finding things the kids need for the classrooms. This weekend
I plan to head over to Target to pick up the last few items the kids need and
I will definitely be checking Groupon Coupons to see what deals they have
going on. Right now there are 65 coupons and deals for Target on the Groupon
site. You have to go over to Groupon for yourself and see everything being
offered and save money on your back to school shopping!

Target is just one of my favorite retailers that Groupon has coupons for. I will
definitely be checking out the deals for Amazon, NordstromRack, and Sam's
Club. I don't know why I wouldn't. If I am already planning to shop at these
retailers, I might as well save money while I'm doing it! So check out
Groupon Coupons and let me know which retailer you are most excited to
find you can save money on a daily basis!



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