Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2017 Back to School Sign Printables + Kid Fashion || #BTS2017

Is it time to go back to school at your house? I can't believe that summer
vacation is over and that we have to get back to the daily grind of
school, but we've got to make the best of it! The kids love going back
to school shopping and picking out the perfect clothes for the first days
of school. And this year, Grace wouldn't be left out of all the fun,
even though she'll only be doing Mommy School.

I kind of miss the days when I could just pick out their clothes and find all
the cute things I wanted them to wear. Now the two oldest have definite
opinions about what is cool and what is in style and I'm just there to nod my
head in agreement. However, it's also fun to see their personalities shine through
as they pick out the perfect outfit.

My Isabella is my power shopper. She could spend hours going through all
the racks of clothes, trying them on, and putting them together in all sorts of
different configurations until she finds exactly what will be perfect for the
first day. It's a little exhausting for me because I really don't love the hunt of
shopping. I like to get in and get out. I'd rather skip the trying on, but I 
don't so that Isabella can have the true back to school shopping experience.

She'll be the perfect teenager one day. If it's cool again to hang out at the mall
and shop your Saturday away, I could see that being Isabella's jam. It was 80
degrees the first day of school, but she had to wear her new jean jacket because
it was the outfit she had picked out for the the first day of school.

JT is a typical tween boy. He can't be bothered with trying things on and
just grabs things that are his size and says - "These are the things I want." Even
though I loathe the waiting that goes with dressing rooms, I do make him try
a few things on. He feels lucky that he is a boy and can try on shirts in the middle
of the story without anyone thinking anything too much about it. And if one 
shirt fits, then he is convinced that any other shirt that size will also fit.

He is the one that lasted the longest and let me pick out his back to school
clothes up until last year. I could hand him a few new "outfits" and he was like,
"Thanks, Mom!" This year he did not think that my t-shirt ideas were cool
enough and he ASKED to go to Target so he could check out the shirts
himself. Thus, the reason he is wearing a Punisher shirt for the first day.

So, I hope you enjoy your Back to School shopping, that everyone gets
the perfect outfit and that you can use these printable posters to make your
first day of school morning a little less hectic!
You can download the first day of school posters here!!!!



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