Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Book Advent

I'm so in love with this!
So I had to share it with you.
I got the idea from a good friend last year
and I resolved to do it this year.So you take 24 Christmas and/or winter books
and you wrap them individually.

Then you can either number them and open a certain one each day,
or you can be random and let the kids choose.

Since I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs and want
certain books to be opened on certain days,
I numbered them :)

I used to be a 2nd grade teacher
and picture books are an obsession of mine,
so I had plenty of books for the project.

If you don't have the books,
you can check out books from the library
or do what Tasha did and buy a "LOT" from Ebay.
Also, Scholastic book orders
(grab the nearest teacher - they'll be glad for the points)
are a great resource for cheap books.

The kids love it!
And we worked out that they trade off nights opening one,
so they each get to do it.

Some of my favorite titles are:
Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed
Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!
Snowmen at Christmas
Snowmen at Night
Bear Stays Up for Christmas
Toot & Puddle I'll Be Home for Christmas
Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear
Snowflake Bentley
The Polar Express
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Gingerbread Baby
The Legend of the Poinsettia
Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas
Snowmen at Christmas
Auntie Claus
A Wish to be a Christmas Tree
Froggy's Best Christmas
The Jolly Christmas Postma

What's your favorite Christmas/Winter picture book?

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Bethany said...

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey, and Silver Packages. Beautiful stories, and beautiful illustrations!

Unknown said...

What a fabulous idea- I love it!
Although I wouldn't include winter books because it is summer in Australia!
I am going to take a note of this to do with my little ones next year!

Unknown said...

This is such a good idea! I hope you will come on over and link up to MMM on Monday!

christina said...

what a fabulous idea! im going to remember that one for next year, thanks!!

Unknown said...

this is such a great, fun, AND educational idea! come on over and link up to MMM!

Melissa said...

Snowmen at night is one my favs! I LOVE, love, love the pictures!

silly eagle books said...

I LOVE this idea!!!! Thanks for sharing. I'll be sharing it with my readers. :)

Jennie Bender said...

I love Apple Tree Christmas. I started reading it to my girls and my husband had to stop and listen=) It such an adorable book. Thanks for the book list. I will check some out for my preschoolers=)

Jaime said...

I love The Small One. It's and oldie but goodie. Sadly all my Christmas books are in storage, but I hope to get them out before Christmas! :)

Ami Allison said...

I LOVE THIS! I want to do this for my girl. She would LOVE it! She loves to read! :)


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