Friday, July 8, 2011

Funky Friday Feature: BluBabes Create

Hi my name is Emily! Exciting, I know. I run a craft/fashion/sewing/cooking/whatever I want it to be blog, right here! Now that's exciting! I recently made the dress I'm wearing in the above photo for the Fourth of July. The problem is I don't wanna wash it. Nope. Do you know why? Well, let's take a little looksy at the photo below.

My family never has clean clothes because of Target. Yes, it's true. Who want's to do the laundry with hampers that match the dirt on your clothes. Emphasize it enough already! And who wants to have anything to do with something so unfashionable - pretty much all of my relatives. Not me, that's for sure. Well, guess what? The whole world is about to get a heck of a lot cleaner. There might even be more people dating and getting married because their clothes smell so good. Yes, you can change the world one hamper at a time.

And here they are! I picked up these three beauties over time.

The backside ladies. I know it's embarrassing. We've all been there.


We've had this one since '04. She needs a serious facelift.

I picked this one up for a dollar. But hey, it can be worth a lot more.

I have a home that's very decorative. People look at me like I'm crazy when they find out I have no chevron. Well crayzee no more peoples. I'm gonna get me some chevron.

I told you a serious facelift.

Whoa! I wanted to try stripes. And I used some leftover blue. Black and white would have been nice, but I was too lazy to run out and get it. I put matching duct tape on top.

Yes, it's true. We can all have clean clothes now. There are a few touch-up spots still, but she's ready to roll.

This is one of my favs. All I did was spray paint the handles and feet a Kelly green. Love that Kelly green. Well come on over and see what I'm all about. Don't be afraid of your laundry!



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