Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nutrisystem: WEEK FOUR

(YW Camp 2010)

I am roughing it this week at Young Woman camp
with the teens from church, so this will be a quick post!
But I wanted to share my Nutrisystem success with you.

Week One: -6 lbs
Week Two: -3 lbs
Week Three: -.5
Week Four: -2

TOTAL: 11.5

I did not hop back on the exercise wagon like I had hoped.
I jumped on one day and fell off again :)
This week will be tough because I'm away from home,
but I'm trying to power through.
I'm taking my pantry fresh meals with me,
and working hard to stick to it.

Fourth of July was awesome and I enjoyed my tasty Nutrisystem turkey hot dog.
I had some veggies and fruit and a snip of Jell-O and
held strong to my plan - I'm feeling happy.

Things I need help with this week:
  1. Tips for exercising when there seems to be no time. I know it's all about priorities, so what helps you to put exercise first??

Nutrisystem is providing their food and program to me free of charge in exchange for blogging about my experience as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program. The opinions above are my own.

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Natalie said...

Way to go! That is so exciting! I just jumped back on the diet bandwagon...sigh. It's so hard, isn't it! Have fun at Girls Camp! I just got back and man was it nice to sleep in my own bed again!

As for exercising, sadly I've come to the horrible realization that the only time I can exercise is to get up earlier than usual first thing in the morning. I am SOOOO not a morning person, and it is so hard!'s the only way I can get a workout in. :/

The Miller Five said...

I check out my muffin top and that's all the motivation I need to exercise. I also do Jillian Michael's DVD. It's 20 minutes and there are 3 levels. No reason not to work out! I also feel awesome after a work out. You can do it! Keep up the great work!

Christy said...

When I'm out of the house and busy I like to park the furthest away in parking lots as I can and walk to the stores. It's not much, but every little step adds up. :)

Crystal said...

congrats on your weight loss! Im doing nutrisystem in sept. after i give birth to my third child. Its so encouraging to see progress even when your schedule doesnt allow time for the gym! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

I put exercise first literally, by doing it first thing in the morning! I've found an awesome gym that has a ton of classes. I'm much more motivated to get up earlier if I have a class to go to.

BluBabesCreate said...

I would fall off that climbing wall. Nice thoughts.

jamie w said...

awesome job!
i could use those tips too

jinxxxygirl said...

Believe it or not thinking about it in terms of my health and not about how i look. I think about how im in it for the long haul. I see people barely older than me who can barely get around or are riding the wheelchairs at walmart. Inspires me to move and lift weights and stay strong!


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