Monday, November 19, 2012

Stress-Free Holiday Travel with Huggies GoodNites Bed Mats

My little Isabella was daytime potty trained at 2.5 years old - just like her older brother.
But just like her older brother, we're still struggling with bedwetting - or enuresis - 
at almost four years old.
Nighttime accidents can make Holiday travel stressful for parents and kids,
and since we are heading out of town for both Thanksgiving and Christmas,
So, I started looking for an option that was easy to use and would make sleeping
away from home without our normal mattress covers less stressful for both Isabella and me.

I found a great solution at in Huggies GoodNites!
These disposable bed mats are 2.5x3 feet and are made to fit a twin size mattress.
They have strong adhesive strips that attach securely to your child's fitted sheet.

It was awesome to find them at and they were available for free store pick-up!
I loved being able to shop online to ensure that the GoodNites would be at the store
when I got there and to pick them up at my convenience.
It would also be a great idea to order a package for Site-to-Store at a Walmart
near your Holiday travel destinations so you don't have to worry about packing them.

You can also take a quiz online at about bedwetting that will earn you a $2 coupon!
I loved the quiz because it reminded me about some things about bedwetting that I had forgotten
since we last went through it with my oldest child.
My kids are super heavy sleepers - like me! - so a bedwetting alarm and night light are
great tools for helping Isabella become successful with sleeping through the night dry.

I grabbed several packages to keep at home, one to take on our trip to Grandma's 
next month, and dropped another package off at the other Grandma's house so
sleep-overs at their house can be worry free.

I'm grateful that GoodNites are so reassuring that I'm not alone and that lots
of moms with preschool children are going through the same thing I'm going through
with trying to achieve nighttime training.

Another tip that the Huggies GoodNites offers is to create a chart
to celebrate the success of sleeping through the night dry.
I made one for Isabella and I made a blank one for you in case
you are part of the 20% like me!
Every time she wakes up dry she gets a sticker and when she gets five 
stickers - or fills up a row - she gets to pick a fun prize from my stash.
Download free chart HERE!!

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Unknown said...

Great idea to make a chart for you daughter! Thanks for sharing the printable with us and best of luck with your holiday travels! I hope the bed mats give you some peace of mind!


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