Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valentine Idea: What Does the Fox Say? Bookmark Valentine

fox valentine

I just knew once I heard "What Does the Fox Say" for the first time that
I would need to incorporate it into our Valentines this year.
Weird? Yes.
So is the life of a DIY crafty blogger.
I love corner bookmarks, and the fox's cute little face shape lends
itself perfectly to being a bookmark.
It works perfectly for 2nd graders because they have to be reading fools
to take all the Reading Counts tests that are required this year.

fox bookmark

I just think that little fox face is so cute peeking back at you and fits the book corner perfectly.
It also works well that it is food-free Valentine, since there has been a push
at our school to do less sugar-filled treats for birthdays and parties.
At first I was kind of bummed, but on the other time, it stretches my 
creativity and we've had fun getting creative with non-food Valentine ideas.

what does the fox say valentine

When JT saw the fox Valentine, he thought it was pretty cool and was sure his friends
would love it. However, he did say, "Why don't you just make them out of fabric?"
And I thought - "Yeah. Why don't I make them out of fabric?"

fox corner bookmark valentine

So I grabbed some felt and got to work.
It turned out awesome and JT loved it even more, but the thought of making
34 of these fabric fox valentines left me thinking of all the sleepless nights ahead.
So, I made one, gave it to JT and called it good!

felt fox

I'm sure I'll make some more of the felt foxes one day, but for now, 
my rad paper version of this foxy bookmark will make some 2nd graders very happy.

felt fox bookmark

So, if your kiddos are as obsessed with "What Does the Fox Say?",
then you're in luck, because I have files you'll need to make them!
I made two versions - 
a regular PDF file that you can download, print and cut out yourself,
a Silhouette Studio print and cut file that will do all the dirty work for you.

fox corner bookmark

The advantage to the Silhouette Studio print and cut file is that it does all
the cutting for you and your fingers won't fall off cutting around the fox noses.
However, only two foxes fit per page, so you'll use more paper.
If you need a tutorial for using a print and cut file in Silhouette Studio,
I found this video on YouTube to be most helpful!

foxy valentine

You can get all the files you need for your own foxy valentines in my Google Drive!

Fine Print:
Please feel free to use this tutorial/print for your personal use. 
Please be kind and give credit where credit is due. 
Any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.


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