Saturday, October 18, 2014

Family Fun at LEGOLAND Brick-or-Treat Party Nights

Disclaimer: We were provided tickets for media review purposes. All opinions are our own.

The kids were so excited to go to LEGOLAND for the very first time this
past weekend. When you're the mom of a boy, Legos are a big part of your life
and I heard on a regular basis, "When are we going to to go LEGOLAND, Mom?"
And since we also love Halloween at our house, LEGOLAND Brick-or-Treat Party Nights
was the perfect time of year to make our first (and certainly not our last) trip.
We arrived at the park not long after opening and got right into the excitement of being
surrounded by LEGOS. Our tickets gave us access to LEGOLAND, the water park, and
the SEA LIFE Aquarium. We were also lucky to get tickets to the Brick-or-Treat event that night.
The kids really wanted to attempt the water park,
but since Grace is still young, and I was the solo parent on the trip, I decided to save
it for our next visit. It will give them something to look forward to.

We headed to the SEA LIFE Aquarium first to get out of the heat and see some fishies!
The kids loved it in there. We could have seriously spent the entire day there exploring, but
JT was anxious to get out and explore and ride some rides.

 The kids both thought that all the LEGO Star Wars in Miniland were amazing. We had to
take a picture with each character because they wanted them  in a photo book.
I love Miniland too, especially the Coast Cruise. It was perfect for the whole family.
After JT did a few of the "big" rides, I insisted that we head to Castle Hill, for I was in
search of Granny's Apple Fries. Everyone that goes to LEGOLAND raves about the
apple fries and I was insistent that we find them and try them.

Oh, did we find them! They were delicious!
Cinnamon, sugar, whip cream on top, what's not to love?

Even little Gracie thought they were delicious!

Then, it was time for the Brick-or-Treat Party Nights to get started!
We grabbed our bags and started following the map to all the Treat Stations
along the Brick-or-Treat trail. There treat stations were throughout the park
and the "treats" ranged from an apple to an actual LEGO set to build!
You an imagine how excited my little Master Builder was to get his CHIMA set!

I loved all the great photo ops throughout the park. I have to admit that it
got a little congested through the treat stations in Miniland and some of the lines,
especially for the LEGO set, were long and slow moving. I was fine waiting in line,
but the kids got ansty. So I encouraged them to check out the rides and attractions around our
wait and had plenty of snacks to keep Grace occupied.

I was really impressed with the Halloween ambiance of the park,
especially the giant LEGO ghost and pumpkin. Oh! And all the LEGO
costumes that the other guests created were amazing! It was so fun to watch them
during the costume contest. Get there early if you want a good vantage point.
We got there after the contest had started and the entire lawn was filled with people.
So, we hung near the back, but we still saw some amazing costumes.

I was worried that since Isabella wasn't "into LEGOS" that she wouldn't be
as excited as JT was about the entire thing. Boy, was I wrong!
She thought everything was "SO COOL!" and if she wasn't into LEGOS before
we got to LEGOLAND, she was definitely a fan about 20 minutes into our visit.
She wanted to buy LEGOS to take home with her and build just like her brother.

It was such a fun day (and night) to share as a family.
There was something exciting to see or do around every corner.
JT and Isabella can't wait to go back and for Brick-or-Treat next year.
They have seriously talked of nothing else since we went.

Brick-or-Treat Party Nights are Saturdays in October.
Admission to BOT is a separate event ticket and can be purchased online.
The night is full of treats, LEGOS, music, and so much more.
Don't forget to check out the costume contest, the disco at the SEA LIFE Aquarium,
and of course, the GIANT LEGO pumpkin for a photo op!



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