Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back to School Tips for Anxious Kids + ChapStick® {GIVEAWAY}

Disclosure: The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. We were given product for review purposes. All opinions are our own.

We've been back to school for almost a month now and we're settling back into the
daily routine that comes with school days. However, if you have a child that is anxious
and struggles with anxiety issues, each day can almost feel like that first day of school with
the worries of what the new day will hold. Changes in the weather, daily schedule,
and other situations can make your anxious child struggle to enjoy going to school each day.

So, I've got a few tips that I've found help ease the anxiety and make school days fun
and exciting instead of stressful and overwhelming..

TIP #1 - Prep as much as you can the night before.

One thing that has helped us immensely is to get as much as we can put together the
night before the school day. This means we pick out clothes, find socks, locate shoes,
sign the planner, fill the water bottle, make sure homework is in the folder and all other
papers are signed and in the backpack so the morning is stress free.
We didn't do this last year and I can really tell the difference it has made.

TIP #2 - Have a visual checklist for your morning 
and evening routines.

There are definite things that need to be done in the morning and in the evening and 
having a visual checklist can help make sure that things get done and nothing is 
forgotten. I know my kids like have the visual checklist and I don't have to be the nag
because I can just say - did you finish the to-do list? And they can self monitor
and make sure that everything is getting done, which makes them feel empowered
and less anxious about accomplishing everything.

TIP #3 - Have a set of school supplies at home for 
homework and projects.

It can be really helpful to have a little pencil pouch or box with all the same school
supplies your kids have at school at home for them to use for homework. I know we've
had a few stressful afternoons when they've needed glue and scissors and we have no
idea where they are at. So, just like I send them to school with colored pencils, scissors,
glue stick, highlighters, and pencils, we also have a set at home for each of them to use.
All of these items stay in the pencil pouch so they are ready to go each afternoon
when it is time to do homework and school projects and there is no scrambling to find
find this or that.

TIP #4 - Pack small comfort items from home in 
their backpacks.

The last thing that has really helped us is to have little things that are important to her
or that help her feel at ease with her at school. One of those things is ChapStick®.
She hates to have dry lips and she worries about keeping them hydrated and smooth while
she's at school. So, we make sure she always has one in her pencil pouch in her desk
and one in a special little pocket in her backpack. That way she always has ChapStick®
with her and doesn't get anxious about it. 

Did you know that you can purchase the many varieties of ChapStick® in their new
online store? Now, you're never more than a click away from smooth and silky lips!
(There is a minimum requirement of 3 items per order to checkout.)

If you love having ChapStick® on hand at all times like we do, then I'm going to make
your day with this fun giveaway! You'll win ChapStick® prize pack that includes 3 packs
of ChapStick® in different varieties all inside the cute ChapStick® lunch box tin 
you see above! Good luck!   


James Robert said...

I use the medicated most of the time and if not, I like the cherry

Kathy E. said...

I am a long-time Chapstick gotta-have-it-in-my-pocket or my purse for a long time! My lips tend to be dry and then I lick them and then they turn red and burn. Not fun or nice looking! Chapstick prevents all that. My favorite flavor is the no-flavor natural kind. My best tip for back to school is to have your backpack/bookbag packed the night before and set it by the door, so no time is wasted in the morning to look for what's needed inside. It also cannot be forgotten!

Unknown said...

I want to try the new tropical flavors!! And we like to keep fiber one bars on hand for a quick filling breakfast!

Julie said...

I love the super hydrating chapsticks and the tropical variety!

LauraJJ said...

Oh my favorite is the Classic Cherry...but the Aloha Coconut really sounds good! For back to school tip....I would say wake up a little early so you dont have to rush in the morning. Rushing always makes me So...we always wake up a little earlier, so we can enoy our mornings and getting ready!

Beth said...

I love cherry flavored! Any I would say for back to school, get homework dealt with right away when everyone gets home.

Tabitha said...

My best tip is to make lunches the night before and prepare the coffee then too! The chap stick I like best is classic cherry and classic spearmint.

Jeanna said...

The Classic Original is my favorite chapstick! My tip for back to school is to start your shopping early!

Heidi said...

My daughter suffers from anxiety and it's funny because she is obssessed with her chapstick. She gets the really, really bad chapped lips (we call her the Ronald McDonald smile) because its a big huge red lip smile. :) So she has chapstick everywhere. She would LOVE LOVE the tropical because it looks cute too!

Kelly said...

I like the cherry!

Unknown said...

My favorite variety is the Classic Cherry.

anne n said...

I love the cherry variety. I prepare my kids lunches the night before.

Lauren said...

I like the cherry. Sometimes my kids wear their school clothes to bed!

Edye Nicole said...

My favorite flavor is cherry. My back to school tip is go shopping early.

arress said...

I am a huge cherry chapstick fan. But plan on trying Key lime.

mijulin said...

the flavacraze was my favorite!


Aaron said...

Classic strawberry is my favorite ChapStick. A back to school tip is early bedtimes.

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

I love coconut most! My back to school tip is shop early when supplies are cheaper!

Julie said...

I love the classics


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