Saturday, October 30, 2010


So I was sharing my new found
with my husband this morning
and how my almost five year old is having a
whether he likes it or not.

And he says, "Yeah, I'm growing a mustache for Movember."
And I said, "Crazy man says what?"
And he says, "Google it."
So I do.
And it's a real thing.
A real important thing - to raise awareness for men's health issues.
In the US the money raised by the Movember Foundation
are used to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG.

Who knew.
I didn't.

So, my hubby is growing a mo - as they say in Australia - or a 'stache here in the US
and will be a MO BRO
and I will be sporting a mo necklace so I can be a

So I perused Etsy
and found all the awesome things you can
use to help support MOVEMBER too.

1. Mustache Necklace by milkool 2. The Stache by LemonKissed 3. Super Fancy Moustache Necklace by kyokia 4. Mustache Necklace by newyorkcouture 5. bff stache necklace by savannahleejewelry 6. Stache Love Necklace by CreativeFiasco
7. Mustache Disguise Pendant by TippyTumble 8. tiny mustache charm by cuteandfun

1. Gentleman Octopus Tie Tack by egyptianruin 2. Mustache Tie Tack by LittleAngelsJewelry
3. facial hair for your finger by sixteenandthird 4. Old Western Hoop Earrings by PinkSaguaro
5. mustache ring by MelissaACowan 6. Mustache Ring by Isette 7. Handlebar Mustache on Black Cufflinks by TheCufflinkMaker 8. Studly Studs by Isette

1. Stache a Day Button Set by hownice 2. Mustache Hair Clip by luckypunkco
3. Black and Pink Mustache Mini Wallet by whodinihandmade
4. Moustache Headband by LoveElycia 5. Snowman with a mustache by TheHappyAcorn
6. I Love Mustache button by sprocketbox 7. Fancy Mustache Pins by yummypocket
8. Mr. Mint Mustache Lip Balm by birdofafeather

1. TOUCH MY MUSTACHE by Gewwybeans 2. M is for Moustache by PicaresqueGent
3. stache-a-pus by bellisal 4. Mustache Bow Tie shirt by onefinestache
5. Master of Disguise by rainbowswirlz 6. A Home for Your Mustache by chopshopstore
7. Mr. Moustache T-shirt by theboldbanana 8. Your sister has an enchanting mustache by Muncheys

1. Secret Mustache Shirt by byohfiddlesticks 2. Mini Mario Mustache Pacifier by piquantdesigns
3. Octo-stache by smallthreads 4. mustache kids tee by handsomehoward
5. Mustache Applique shirt by PicCircusDesigns 6. Felt Moustache Body Suit by NORMandLOU
7. Mustache Shirt by toochute 8. UnderCover Cop Shirt by DarlingDeuce

1. Modern Mustache Mug by Uptown Avenue 2. Glass Coffee Mug by modernmadness
3. The Man Mustache Mug by retrogalusa 4. Mustache Pint Glass by Mustache Glass
5. Mustache Stacking Mugs by vinylsoul 6. A Mustache is a Wish Your Face Makes by Tresijas
7. 2 Mustache Pint Glasses by BreadandBadger 8. Man-Tub Mustache Party Set by Jackglass

1. Curly Handlebar Mustache Vinyl Decal by MakeItMineDesigns
2. Moustache iPhone Cozy by yummypocket 3. Mustache Love Case by coollikethat
4. Mustache - Set of 4 - Laptop Decals by kathwren
5. Mustache Set 2 Vinyl Decals by suzieautomatic 6. Felt iPhone Moustache by NORMandLOU
7. I heart mustache laptop decal by VinylOnTheGo 8. Moustache iPad Sleeve by yummypocket

2. Moustache Vinyl Wall Decal by kathwren 3. Moustache Bookmark by BlueEyedNightOwl
4. Keep Calm and Grow a Mustache 5x7 by 3LambsGraphics
5. Silky Mustache Pillow by TheFurnishingFinsh 6. Mustache Ornament by wildwoodflwr
7. 11 Piece Props on a Stick by LittleRetreats 8. Mustache in a Frame by VinylOnTheGo

Aren't they all awesome???
I'm definitely picking up a few of them.
Wish I could buy them all.

And, yes, I am having a mustache party.
It's gonna be legen...
wait for it...


Shauna said...

THANK YOU so much for including our The Stache mustache necklace - I LOVE THE COLLECTIONS you came up with! RAD!

{Lemon Kissed}

Emily said...

These links will be so helpful for my little man's b-day party. THANKS!!

Tasha said...

I had no stinkin idea. Look at all those awesome things at etsy. Fun stuff.

milshake said...

Thank you for featuring my mustache necklace!


Chrissy said...

Wow - what a great collection!!
Thanks for sharing!!

elycia said...

wow! so many moustaches!! thank you for including my headband in your collection :)


Brooke Meyenberg said...

Oh my goodness what fun! Thank you so much for including Little Retreats photo booth props on a stick!

I'm so excited to have been introduced to your blog! Love, love, love it!

Pedey @ Do You Smell That!!? said...


My hubby's growing a 'stache right now and everyone (myself included) is giving him crap for it. He's the lone Mormon guy on the fire department so they already call him Mo as a nick name - and now that he's growing a mustache they call IT the Mo-stache! LOL I'll have to get him some of this! I especially like the framed "Keep Calm & Grow a Mustache" and the "M Is For Mustache" shirt. And I just might go for the "Super Fancy Mustache Necklace" for myself!

Great post! Thanks for doing all the leg-work!

jbr said...

My brother LOVES mustaches. This post has given me lots of ideas for Christmas. Thank You!


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